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The first rhythm we feel and hear even before birth, is the pounding of our mother's heart beat, consistent and strong. That gives us an innate understanding of rhythmic space. We are also naturally inclined to "entrain" to rhythms. When a powerful rhythm is created, our heart and breathing rates tend to align with the dominant rhythmic music being made. We can all create expressive rhythms without any training.

Everyone can do it, rhythm belongs to us all. Hand drums are a truly accessible musical instrument for non-musicians.

Playing drums with a group of your friends, workmates or members of your community is fun and has many benefits.
We experience a sense of connectedness with each other when we play together, it builds bridges and strengthens bonds. The drum can be the ultimate nonverbal communication. Unencumbered by the restrictions of verbal language drumming can create a safe environment which allows for an easy expression of emotions.

Group drumming boosts our creative awareness and lifts our spirit. Rhythm has the capacity to both stimulate and relax. It helps to build confidence and self esteem, heightens awareness and decreases stress.

Rhythm dot com will create with you a drumming circle to suit your needs and style.

Facilitated drum circles offer a unique, enjoyable, healing and entertaining experience to young and old, men and women, teenagers and toddlers cutting across all backgrounds and cultures. It can be a powerful experience for women's empowerment groups, recovery groups, for children and adults with disabilities, for community gatherings and retreats.

We can provide drums and percussion instruments for up to 100 people.
Prices are individually assessed - depending on number of participants in your group, location and time frame. We can travel to your place or provide a venue of our own.

For more information about this fun, rhythmical and unique experience, contact us today.

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