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Playing drums with a group of your friends, workmates or members of your community has enormous benefits. Firstly it is fun. It makes us laugh and boosts our creative awareness. We can all make expressive rhythms without any training. Everyone can do it, rhythm belongs to us all. We also experience a sense of connectedness with each other when we play together, it builds bridges and strenthens bonds.

Rhythm dot com will create with you an entertaining drumming circle to suit your needs and style.

Group drumming and rhythm based activities are suitable for many celebrations, rituals and parties. It can be great entertainment for kids at a birthday party through to adults at larger community or social gatherings. A great energiser for staff meetings or as a celebration to honour those special days, participants are not only entertained they become the entertainers.

Facilitated drum circles offer a unique, enjoyable and entertaining experience to young and old, men and women, teenagers and toddlers connecting all backgrounds and cultures.

In order to fully experience the gifts that drumming offers we need to play the drums and the percussion instruments for ourselves. This is participatory entertainment.

Rhythm dot com will provide drums and percussion instruments for around 100 people. We also work alongside fire dancers and twirlers, didgeredo players and other visual artists. Prices are individually assessed depending on number of participants, location, time frame and type of entertainment you wish.

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