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Rhythm dot com programmes offers a team building and stress busting experience that is unique, energizing and lots of fun.

Interactive drumming is a cutting edge psychological tool now being used effectively in the corporate sector as a creative rejuvenating stress reliever combined with the forming of a powerful team spirit.

We become synchronized with the rhythms around us. When we live and work in a busy, stress filled environment our inner rhythms often become one of anxiety and stress. Recent figures show the dramatic increase in the cost to organizations stemming from absenteeism, lower productivity and illness related to stress. It is estimated that nearly 60% of lost work days have their origin in stress related issues.

Drumming can be used as a 'pause button'. The drum touches that part of us that knows nothing of deadlines, cell phones, computers, or traffic jams. This universal, ancient activity - dating back to 3000BC - provides an outlet for personal expression. Rhythm is healing, energizing and promotes health in corporate employees.

Many areas in your business can be enhanced with Rhythm dot com's unique, interactive methods. Experiencing rhythm in a facilitated drum circle involves group co-ordination, leadership, individualism and team work. It stimulates our minds, increases our creative potential, makes us laugh and connects us on many levels.

The potential benefits of a facilitated rhythm experience are:

  • A creative and powerful stress and tension reliever
  • A sense of community and team spirit
  • Promotes integration of divisions, cultures and hierarchy
  • Opening of lines of communication between co-workers
  • Encourages focus and motivation towards common goals
  • Friendship and a heightened awareness of others
  • A smile on the face of participants

Rhythm dot com can add spice to seminars, conferences, staff training, office celebrations and social gatherings. Each programme is customized according to your specific needs. The group is facilitated through a journey of rhythm and drumming to create a group synergy that unifies and transcends the individuals involved.

If you are looking for something different for staff motivation and health, conference ice-breakers, energizers or closings, staff wind-ups or just a great fun, rhythmical and musical experience, look no further.


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